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I'm With Pawn and Sell. Make the Data Card able to be populated with any of the spreadsheet fields. For updating payment receipts, Addresses, Labels, etc. it is much easier to update that information all at once.

I like the ability to be able to use or not use. That is one reason I've chosen EBUD. For some tasks such as sending congrats e-mails, it is much faster to simply highlght and send the e-mails as a group. But when Payment comes in, I like the ability the datacard in 2.89 gave me to take care of updating several things on one card, rather than having to go in and tell ebud that the payment was reveived, that you are shipping priority mail, etc. Shouldn't be a hard thing to do.

Thanks for the recent imporvements
I would like to see the data card updated also. I like the ability of being able to make a choice of using it or not using it. Would save a lot of scrolling when dealing with an individual auction.
I hate scrolling over. Think I get sidetracked to easily and forget what I am doing. But if the data card is right in front of me, it might jog my memory! LOL I vote to keep and update it! Have a good day all!
Please, please keep the data card and make it work correctly. I think the only reason I keep using 2xx is because I can do all my tasks directly from the data card.
It's so much easier to enter the payment received info on the data card. I hate scrolling and it makes me dizzy!
I also wish the "search status history" function worked. Another good thing would be to have invoices like in 2xx. Then I would be a happy camper!
What happens when you do the "search status history?"

Does it just not do anything? It seems to be working just fine for me Frown

The data card isn't going to be removed and we have never mentioned removing it once. I can't remember who started that hype but it sure is odd how one misunderstood poster can have a domino effect :P We might give the data card a complete overhaul sometime in the future.

The 2 part invoices are still in the works.

I don't use it with ebay auctions, but when I put the Yahoo auctions in on the no sale lines I have to use the Data card to change the number, the other fields can be changed from the spreadsheet. If your not going to do Yahoo auctions, then don't loose the data card, it has finally made my life simpler, even if I have to type all the info, its easier than handwriting everything, and misplacing it. Smile Big Grin
I would also like an updated data card. I need a separate line for the name, address, zip, etc. I copy the info for my customers addresses and paste into the address field. But since I created my own database in Lotus Approach with custom designed forms and labels (eBud has very boring ones that are not customizable!), I found that I could enter my customers name in the "Tracking #" field, their address in the "Vendor #" field and their city, state and zip in the cost field. Then I export the records that are to be shipped that day to Lotus approach and do all my "real" work from. I print labels and packing slips there and also have all my profit/cost info there as well. Sure wish eBud was more user defineable so I could save the extra step!
I'm with JeffS - I do everything w/the data card b/c then I can see everything pertaining to one transaction in one place w/o having to scroll around. I cut and paste the address from here to my online postage meter, I make notes and actually read them, etc. I really really really find scrolling around in the spreadsheet a real pain. And BTW, the continued presence of the data card from 2.xx to 3.xx is most of the reason why I am so happy with 3.xx. So while I hear you saying you have no desire to do away with it, I want to reinforce my continued dependence on this particular feature so that you don't begin thinking you should get rid of it (based on comments like paintpower's)!

Mind you there are lots of portions of the data card and spreadsheet that I don't use that I know others do, but they don't seem to be in the way.

If/when you do update the data card, please do please do please do keep the ability to enter in addresses in one place (or even just a note area would do). If you break up the address into pieces I won't be able to cut and paste it but will actually have to type things in - a real pain.

The Data card is truley the "forgotten child" of this program. When they made the move to eBud 3.x, they originally took it out, but put it back after some outcry. While it may be back, it has problems. There are areas of it that do not work at all, there are fields that are worthless instead of fields that could be more usefull. I would love to see some work put into the data card, but I have little faith in Auctiva to do anything. It will most likely just stay as it is.
Some of us don't use the ebud invoice feature and it continues to create them automatically for each and every auction, despite this, causing a collection to accrue in a folder that I have to clean out somewhere every now and then (housecleaning!). If there'd be a way to opt out of having this invoice created that'd be helpful. --Melanie

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