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ALLOW users to indicate what image goes where! In the current version of this system I have to create a new template each time.

I would like to have my background images interchangeable .. being able to select the background image as I make the listing.

In this case, image 16 is my backgraound --- or should be! Meaning when I create the listing the image I select for image 16 becomes my background.

NOW, here's my problem - I can't select image 16! There is only 1 image for the item itself = image 1 so it's the preview image and the gallery image etc.
When I click on image 16 and my images appear and I click it it gets a 2 on it and goes into image 2 spot ... but I don't want it there! I want to make the be image 16!

Jeff told me It can not be done ... SO I AM SUGGESTING that you all ALLOW us to tell the image the image portion.
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PLEASE think about adding this feature. By having the ablity to tell each image the position you want it in, you can have 100's maybe thousands of different template backgrounds and image placement with just one custom template.

Think about it, one template that would allow you to use image number 1 ABOVE the title, image 2 under it, image 3 below the description etc BUT if for that particular item you didn't want an image above the description - you simply won't use that position.

LOL, I mean SpareDollar had it, lol! So I know you all can do it!

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