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I have my cousins wedding next month. Its a very elegant place, friday night... doesnt state black tie affair or anything but its a ritzy thing. Its a Friday night event... wedding is at 5pm, reception follows. What color/s are acceptable? What type of dress?? I am scouring ebay looking for something relatively inexpensive since I probably wont wear it again. I assume I should look at cocktail dresses??? HELP! ~Steph

Here is a link to the reception site Groom (my cousin) has a wealthy family... they will all be done up very nicely... same for the bride!
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Tea length in pastels and flowing fabrics would be great.

You know I have two favorite sellers of clothing.
Their ebay IDs:

Tell them I sent you. Not that it will make any difference..haha...but they are to die for sellers of quality clothing at great prices.

Good Luck Steph!
Have fun!
Sounds like my kinda shindig.

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