Since I listed some items on Saturday if you click on the super-size link the image is completely jumbled the left edge is transposed to the right etc and the colors are off. Any ideas? it doesn't look very professional.
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Hi, yes I am also having this problem. I have resized my photos too to within the recommended sizes. Anyone know why this is happening?
We are looking into the cause of what you ares seeing happen, but as this is only happening very intermittently / infrequently we haven't yet been able to reproduce the problem.

Here's a workaround that should help.

If an image in your listing has a problem jumbled, you can reload it and then replace it in the listing. This FAQ tells how to do that

As someone else suggested in another post, it only seems to be effecting those photos that I have recently uploaded using firefox. I have reloaded using internet explorer and then they are fine
Had the same problems, changing picture size on camera seemed to work for me, Think it was 640x480 on the camera, also try not using the auctiva uploader which is the problem here, we had to use the HTML uploader. Good luck Smile

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