Supersized images not centering vertically.

I just starting using the new templates to enable super-sized image images. Good work on that by the way, I'm glad eBay forced your hand away from pop-ups loaded with ads.... but anyway... you still need to vertically center the image element inside the span when loading an image from the bottom of a template with 24 images. I am using the plain white template with "bottom paired" and when a user clicks on image 24, for example, it looks like the image is not loading and they are only shown a grey semi transparent element. I'm not sure if it is a problem with lightbox or a problem with ebay restrictions. Either way, the end user should not have to scroll around to see the supersized image. It probably just needs "transform: translateY(-50%)" to center the box but I'm not the dev, just a paying customer.
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Hello striker1211 -

We are aware of a difficulty such as you have described when using one of the new templates when there are a significant number of images added to the template. We have an open Work Ticket with our engineers regarding this and I will update this thread as soon as more information regarding this issue becomes available.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

- Craig

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