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Operation Komando Support Our Troops

Kim Komando's Free Newsletters and her link to: Kim KomandoOperation Support Our Troops

One of the ways you can help:
Is there something you would like to send to an American soldier in need?

Please donate a bit of your time by boxing up some items to support your American troops. Remember to pack items well for their long journey to Iraq. Address your box to:

c/o SGT Michael Langr
HHC 1-133 INF
UNIT #60000
APO, AE 09333-0000

Your items will be sent to Sgt. Langr (pictured to the left with my friend and CBS cameraman, Ray). Sgt. Langr will arrange to have your items distributed in the field by traveling Chaplains.

For more information click the above link.

You don't have to support the war to support our troops.

Thanks, Donna
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