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I was very skepticle (SP) of ecrater as I thought my stuff would need more work than usual - I even got advice from DOnna but still was tied to ebays apron strings - and then they as usual left me hanging - so I got mad enough to put some items and go live - Smile two paid via paypal - have to look into Google checkout soon - Oh by the way anybody do you know where I can get a good postal scale to print out lables??
thank you - and DOnna I will register with the ASM too- thank you again for your help always
still waiting for the dinner, movie and dancing "date."


You know the secrets to ecrater are Promote, Promote, Promote.

Get web pages from free sites, geocities, freeweb, etc build them so they point back to your ecrater. Use keywords and even show some pictures of items on those free pages.

You'll do just fine and pay no eBay fee's at the same time!

Now be sure to sign up for Google checkout as there are no fee's for the rest of this year.


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