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I have 120 listings on eBay at present. They have been posted through Auctiva. I have found another newer template that I like much better and reflects the image I am looking for to sell my wares. My regular store items renew themselves automatically. Is there a way to switch to the new template on all the listings without having to cancel them and relist?
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to do that, would require a mass edit of description. which, is possible, but not easy.

you have to use ebay's file exchange tool, download all active listings into excel (which i think a download of active includes description info, but been awhile so not sure offhand), pull out all the info in listing you want to keep, merge that with new template, and then bulk upload in excel with action=revise.

basically, requires knowledge of excel and various commands in excel (substitute command, string concatenation, etc) and a working knowledge of file exchange to do it.

so yeah, it's possible. just not easy.

the other downside of using file exchange, is that, like any ebay tool, it's not well documented, prone to problems, and you lose ability to use auctiva checkout.

considering all of this, better off doing one of the following:

1. doing relists through auctiva.

2. creating the new version in auctiva, but not launching it. instead, save it (don't post it!) After you've saved it go to Saved Listings, tick the box next to the listing and then hit the "Get HTML" button at the top. highlight all that html code and put it on your clipboard (right click and select copy OR press ctrl-C). Then go to revise item on eBay and replace everything in description box with html that you just copied. (highlight all and then paste by hitting CTRL-V or can paste by right click/paste)
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