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hi there
I listed a petunia Pickle bottom bag and it was "because Petunia Pickle Bottom Corporation reported it to us for violating their intellectual property rights. When eBay is notified by a rights owner of an intellectual property rights infringement, eBay must remove the item in order to meet certain legal requirements.

The following information may help explain the reason for your listing(s) removal:

A manufacturer or intellectual property rights owner has reported to eBay that this posting violates their intellectual property rights in one or more more ways. When eBay is notified by an intellectual property rights owner of an intellectual property rights violation, eBay removes the posting in order to meet certain legal requirements. Please check with the rights owner if you have any questions about their claims. Some possible issues include the following:
? Using a manufacturer's photo or item description
? Posting a counterfeit or "fake" item
? Posting an unauthorized copy of an media (such as software or video games)For more information on Other VeRO Claims visit the following Help page:"

I used a stock photo + 3 of mine- not from petunia site buy someother site and the description is also from same site ( however every body seems to have coppied the descrip off their site and currently there are 39 auctions running! ) why is mine only unfairly pushed out? there is a seller selling one similar to mine ..hers is 130 start price while mine was started at 9.99 and going great in auction with 2 days to go and at $52!

I want to know whether someone snitched when they say vero to remove auction ...ALSO IS THERE ANY RECOURSE TO RELISTING THIS BAG?
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