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I have created a custom templet in MS Front Page and pasted the HTML code into Auctiva's template designer.

I have used a table size of 1024 pixels but when viewing on monitors with that resolution, one still has to scroll sideways.

Also, when adding a background imgage (uploaded to Auctiva) the image only shows around the edges of the listing but not within the body of the listing itself.

Any suggestions?
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Hi Xena. I looked at it - laptop set to 1200x800. Even with my favorites open and stretched wide as the side bar goes, I don't have to scroll on your page.

What you'll want to do for a template is remove everything above (and including) the body tags. From the bottom, also remove the end body tag. HTML head tags are already coded into the listings and you don't want that double coding in there to cause problems.
Actually, I just figured it out!

It's the 3 pictures that Auctiva pulls horizontally into the top cell. 3 pics @ 400 pixels + cell spacing, padding, etc is what did it.

When I go to 2 pics, everything seems to be fine. I guess one can't use 3 horizontal pics within the type of table I am trying to create. Either less pics or place them out side the cells, methinks...

Thanks for the advice on the body tags, ect.


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