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Happy New Year everyone!

I'm very excited to share a sneak peek into the new features we plan on releasing this year. With the steady increase in online shopping and eBay's upcoming Active Content Policy we have a lot in store!

2017 Sneak Peek

New Listing Templates
In the near future, you’ll have access to the enhanced Auctiva Templates. These new templates will be mobile-responsive for all devices, and completely active content-free. You’ll be able to pick from a wide variety of templates, ranging from professional, clean designs to seasonal and themed designs. We will also be providing an automated Listing Template tool that will remove active content from Auctiva templates.

New Scrolling Gallery
Our most popular feature is being completely re-built! You’ll soon be able to cross promote your listings with a new mobile-optimized scrolling gallery that’s 100% active content-free. At a later time, we’ll also be providing a bulk update listing tool that will allow you to convert all of the old Auctiva Scrolling Galleries to the new, compliant version.

View Counter
Once released, the new active content-free View Counter will be available for all users. It will feature a modern, sleek design, and will comply with all eBay policies. Plus, we’ll provide an Auctiva Counter bulk update tool, so you won’t need to spend hours manually revising listings!

Auctiva Image App:
Edit and upload your images from anywhere! The free app will soon be available for both iOS and Android devices, and will make it easier than ever to update images from your mobile device.

We expect to release these new features in Q1 and Q2 of 2017, before eBay’s Active Content Policy takes effect. Stay tuned and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for release dates! Smile


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