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Hi ninth_wave. Thanks for replying. I did what you suggested. I got the Select Templates menu. Mine (Contemporary Green) shows up in the Custom section, but when I click on Select of Preview all I get is an image of my page template. It doesn't give me the option to change color or anything else. That's where I'm stuck.
If I do a name search for Contemp. Green it comes up but again I can't change edit anything. Same thing if I do a color search.
Any ideas on what else I can try?
Hi - I didn't realize you had created a custom template. I was assuming you meant to choose a different colored version of a standard template, so the advice only applied to that situation.

I'm not the best person to give advice on custom templates as I have not needed to create one myself. If you created one in Auctiva, can't you go Listings>Custom Templates>Manage and edit your template there, or am I missing something? You might want to read the tutorials/FAQ's/sticky notes and do a forum search on custom templates. Also someone more knowledgable in this area may step in here.
Hi again. Thanks ninth_wave.
I realize I didn't explain clearly what I'm trying to do.
I used one of the Auctiva templates, called Contemporary Green. My memory could be faulty, or perhaps I didn't pay close enough attention. I thought that, when I first began tailoring the template to how I want my page to appear, I was given some choices as to what color I wanted the background of the "Description", Terms of Sale", etc. buttons to be. I've been trying to get back in to see if I can change the background color of these buttons.

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