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Hi all,

This is my first post here and its in regards to my first post on e-bay so if you could be patient with me I would appreciate it..

I read the other threads on this subject but although it was suggested to post the add the others did not. So here is my listing with the described problem:

A little background my help you help me so what happened was when I first listed it everything was fine. I wanted to change the gallery image and did so by going to e-bay-revise your item- know the drill.

Anyway I deleted the image I had and pasted the address of the image of the cookies with the bow. (I did this via the e-bay editor choices not directly through HTML)This image was LARGER than the one I deleted so I though this was distorting the template so I resized the image to the exact size of the one I deleted but it still did the same thing. So wondering if it was even the image at all I deleted the new one and then previewed and it was fine.

I am at a total loss as to what to do, it looks like crap. I have another listing: The 2 were identical BEFORE I screwed it up. This is what I want the other above to look like only I want the Cookies with the bow in place of the logo pic.

In addition to all this the editor in e-bay doesn't seem to be very good. Some times when I hit preview it looks ok but then when I look at the revised listing its still the same as before??

I hope this makes sense to someone I'm sorry it is so long.
Thank you for any guidance
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Hi initial examination infers the error is before the text in the description "Gourmet Old World Italian Cookies" because it is not formatted correctly.

Looks as though something was inadvertantly deleted with the original image.

Also when using supersize the default image shown in the description remains the same size, even though the supersize image may have been changed.

May be best to to go back to your saved folder on Auctiva and copy the HTML wholesale for this listing and paste it in it's entirety into the active listing on eBay.

Subtle errors in HTML code are often disguised by the way browsers are designed to use broken code Frown

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