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I have a feeling you selected paired images and you may also have a store bar on the side of your page! Am I correct?
A link to your auction would have been helpful, but lets see what we can do to remedy it Smile
If you have paired pictures rather than stacked,
Open your saved auction in Auctiva , got to your template and select modify template. Choose an option other than paired ( I use vertical)Save this to the listing.
Now the tricky part is you have to open the revise page in eBay and select the HTML box on the editor. remove that HTML and replace it with the revised HTML from Auctiva.
if you have never attempted to work with HTML PLEASE open notepad and save the HTML you have cut from eBay so you at least have the capability of repairing the code if you somehow mess up.
Hope this helps you out!
I was using vertical top for my photo. I did not send a link to the auction because I want to make sure everything is good before I start listing so I list and delete if they are not right. I would rather spend a few bucks to make sure it's right then to list a ton of stuff and have it look stupid. I am listing in my store so it's not much for the screw ups. Smile Roll Eyes
Some templates tend to stretch more than others...I've used some that didn't stretch at all, no matter how I set them up. I've found even adding an extra link or two in your description can cause stretching on some of them.
BTW, you don't have to post it to ebay to give us a link so we can look at it...just copy/paste the address bar for one of them. Maybe we can help.
Hello to all. This is my first time posting on Auctiva Community Forums... I too have the same problems of a few of the templates (which I really love) being too large. Here is my listing:

I used top vertical, and don't know enough to dodo to much harm to it...any help is always appreciated. Thanks! barb
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Your template is being pushed wider because you have the Scrolling Gallery inside the template.

If you want to keep it inside, you will want to choose a template where the Gallery can get closer to the outer edges of the template. You will get good results with some of the new "Curly" templates we just put out.

The ones with the white backgrounds will look the best because the Scrolling Gallery will always have the white box around it.

Thank you, Chrystal.... I prefer to have the scrolling thingy outside of the listing. I pretty much do all of the listings the same way, except for choosing colour or item compatibility. The scrolling bar is sometimes inside, sometimes outside. It goes where it wants. Is there some way to set this scrolling bar to always go outside? And thank you again, for your help. barbie
Hi all,

hope you dont mind me joining in here but im also having a problem with the sides of my templates dissapearing.

I posted my first four auctiva listings on ebay a few days ago and only 1 of the 4 listings worked correctly. Have waited 3 days for a reply via help but still no response. Im only using one picture in my listing and the scrolling gallery is outside of the listing. Does anyone have any ideas?

item no: 280201285331
Hi there! I have the same problem. I have done or re-done about 200 listings this last month; the same problem happens to me, but only certain templates. I tried the advice of checking/changing the scrolling banner, and which layout I used... I hate that the scrolling banner is inside my chosen template, and it would not adjust any other way. Also the template view I use is always top ~ vertical, except on one of them.... nevertheless, it seems serendipitous, where the banner sits, and which template is too large. Bummer, 200 listings, and 300 to go. Thanks for listening to me gripe. Free Auctiva is wonderful; I shouldn't be complaining so much, but I'm a perfectionist and consider my listings to be art. Thanks for any and all help. barb
Hi sg71 and barbie

I would suggest that you both copy an example listing to the practice boards and start a new thread and include the address of the practice board in the question.

Tagging questions into an existing thread is ok when it is highly active but other posters may consider that your question was actually a new reply to the original question and not a new question.

Therefore they don't go into the thread to look again because it has already been answered ok, I was just curious. Smile
Hi this my first time contactng the forums I too have aproblem with my template Nouveau Blue bell I think it is called being too wide for the screen. I've trird reducing the width of pics from 400 to 300 pixels but it hasn't made any difference. My scrolling gallery is outside the template and the images are Top vertical. My latest listing illustrates the problem well. Any one got any thoughts on how I might rectify this? Thanks in anticipation .
Hi, appears to be 'brown' bells ?

On IE6 bit wide but fine on my screen but I am running on 1600x1200 resolution. Width fixed and scroll bars appear when I reduce browser window width narrower than the default template width.

However with Firefox 2 on same PC and resolution, the width resizes dynamically with the browser window !

I guess you are probably using IE then, another typical HTML interpretion different between browsers.

It would be a job to know what to look for, you really need to paste it onto a practice board for someone to take a closer look.
Hi, the ebay parts above your template formatted area and below the scrolling gallery are set and fixed by ebay, you cannot change them.

The definition of 'too wide' in this context is that your templated description area is wider than the ebay part.

In your case it appears not to be so all is well Smile

For future reference practice board information is posted on this community board by support please see "How to receive help creating your custom template" Smile
Hi Again Choo I've just realised that all the listings that I posted yesterday have comme out fine with the whole width of the template showing.
I checked some of the earlier ones which have already finished and the problem is still there. The width of the EBay parts seems to change and with it the width of the template So perhaps it is just a case of hoping for the best! Once again many thanks for your interest and help.

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