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I have used this site a few times to post auctions successfully. I am not a computer or HTML guru. But I navigated with relative ease.

I decided to use an auctiva template in my auction this time. When I added my store window, I didn't like it's placement in the middle of the template even though I had selected for it to be displayed at the bottom.

I read in one of the discussions that you could customize an existing auctiva template and add the HTML code for the store window at the bottom of the template. I did this with success. The store window displayed at the bottom of the template where I wanted it to be placed.

The template I chose is Spring Butterflies. When you choose this template without modification it has Shipping, Payment, Terms of Sale (etc) headings as part of the template. I understand how to use the new Seller Details section to enter all this information.

However, when I chose the same template to customize (adding the HTML for the store window), all of these headings disappeared when I previewed my auction.

I went back into the Seller Details and manually added headings for each section. I don't want to duplicate something that will show up when I start my auction.

Now I am unsure what my template is going to look like once it starts on ebay. I would prefer the headings on the original template with the cute little
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Yes unfortunately when you modify one of our templates it becomes a Custom Template and so there are no longer specific headings associated with those sections unless you put them there yourself. Frown

So rest assured at least that you will not be seeing duplicate headings when it posts to eBay, whatever you saw in the preview window is what you will get Smile

If you want, you can put the original headings in yourself. If you just right-click on the header image when you are in the listing preview window (looking at your listing using the original template) and select Properties you can view the URLs for those images. For example the heading for the Payment section of the Spring Butterflies template is <img src="">

Let me know if that helps!
Auctiva David
I apparently can't figure that one out.

I don't know enough about the code to know where to enter in text mode.

And I just don't understand how to do it the way you said. When I do it that way, I just have the template with this
<img src=""> on the template.

There is something I am not understanding.

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