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Hi CowCountry...

When adding the [SHIPPING], [PAYMENT], [TERMS_OF_SALE], [CONTACT_US], OR [ABOUT_ME] tags to your custom template you can then create a "Seller Details" profile (Look under the "profiles" tab) that will fill those sections in for you depending on the which sections you choose to create in your profile. For instance you could add all of those tags, then create several different "Seller Details" profiles, each with unique information, select one on your lister page (After you choose the template that you wish to use)and have your template only show the details for the sections that you chose to use for that particular profile. Hope that has been of some use to you.
Hi CowCountry...,

Well before I even attempt to give you a link or a lesson on how to create or customize a template, I need to ask: Do you actually want to create your own template? and if so do you know HTML or someone that does that will create a template for you?

If you just wanted to use our free templates and have the sections like "Shipping" and "Payment", etc. show up then you have already done the work by creating a "Seller Details Profile". All you would have to do to use them is to select a template from a the "Lister Page" on any of your listings, then select a seller detail profile that you would like to use.
Kool Brent,
We are getting close to finished! One more question, how to I transport the "description and images" on to the template?
is this? Description and Images / [DESCRIPTION_AND_IMAGES]

The Description and Images tag is used as a placeholder. This tag will automatically insert your pictures into your auction description according to the layout you select on the lister page, as per normal templates.
How do I use it?
Thanks to you, I am that close to creating a master template.
These are the instructions I don't understand:

Click into the Template Editor to create an insertion point where you would like your description to appear

Now, simply click on the Description and Images tag; the formatting of this tag is done through the lister page when selecting a template for use with an auction
Thanks for your help!!!

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