I am a not too savvy in the internet arena. I am trying to use a template i created to post a new listing. However, i cant figure out how to do that.
Can anyone help? Thanks for the most likely simple solution!
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Thanks for the help. However, i am trying to use Auctiva's Custom templates (see below)

Effortlessly manage your custom templates. Edit, delete or sort all ACT (Auctiva’s Custom Template) files

I dont know how to create a listing using an Auctiva custom template.

Can anyone help?

okay, it sounds like you're trying to post a listing in the wrong area.

To post a listing, you have to click on the tab that says Listings. You enter your info, and about 2/3 down the page, there's a place that say's something like, "select template".

click on that link, and a box will pop up. Pick the template you want (you'll probably want to explore a bit)--then click Done (or ok? Can't remember the button)

when you're done you can preview it--you'll see it looks totally cool.

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