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I also posted this on the Listing forum because I wasn't sure where best to find an answer...

I use both Internet Explorer and Firefox. I note that Internet Explorer shows my auction templates nice and clean and legible. However, when I look at the same exact auction in Firefox, my description is gone and things are moved all over the page, some fonts are different colors, etc - just messy. Any idea why this is happening and what I can do to fix it so that my auction is clear and neat in both IE and Firefox (especially since those two browsers seem to be the most popular)? Thanks in advance for your help!
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Hi Danno

Thank you so much for your reply. Here are two examples:

In the first auction, my description does not show when using Firefox (does show in IE) and the Description title image is moved to the left (not so in IE).

In the second auction, my font color has changed to a purplish pink, but is white in IE (white is what I want). Also, part of my description is there, but part of it is missing. Not so in IE - everything is there. By the way, I am using Internet Explorer 8.

These are just examples. There are quite a few that have different issues like this...each a little different. I know nothing about HTML so I'm pretty sure the issue is on my end, but I don't know how to fix it.

Thanks again for your help.

Hi Terry,

It looks OK in IE7, but I can immediately confirm your observation on the first link with Firefox.

I'm seeing alot of verbose code that isn't (I think) coming from Auctiva's code builder. I've seen similar code from some other template builders. Was a copy - paste to the one-page done? The other possibility that comes to mind is use of a word processing package to build and copy the code to the one-page lister. That can corrupt HTML code. Some of the CSS styles suggest that possibility.

It's alot of verbose DIV FONT to digest, but that's my first guess as to cause. Some browsers do better than others with transplant code. If you go back to the Saved Listing and look at the code in HTML format, you'll see all the excess code present. Trying to nail-down the exact statements as cause might be less helpful than simply thinning the excess code for a test or two.

Hi Danno -

I can't say for sure that I didn't copy and paste because I actually put the auctions together some time ago - these are actually relists through eBay.

I thought of going to the Saved auction in Auctiva and copying the HTML code to my already running auction, however, since this is a relist through eBay, the auctions are no longer in my Saved list where I can easily click to get the HTML code, but in my Closed list.

Well, to see if the verbose code was the cause, I got out my big code ax and chopped. Here is the result at practicewriter.

Check it now with Firefox.

All the extra DIV statements ahead of the DIV where the white text under the Description image begins got the finesse or cleanup. So, something in that "extra" non-functioning code was causing disfunction.


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