Hi - am logged-in to my account and editing a saved listing. I need to change the template to one of the new ones. I keep getting an error message that says it failed to log in try again later. Cannot finish editing and then posting until this is fixed. Have had the problem for awhile now.
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Hello wjoycem -

it sounds like you may be reaching the site using an older bookmark which was created prior to the site being entirely HTTPS.

If that is the case, please try visiting the site without using such a bookmark and then logging in at: https://www.auctiva.com/
and you should be able to have the template selector operate as it should and then make a new bookmark for the site and delete the old one.

If you continue to run into difficulty, please feel free to file a support case letting us know the details of what your running into at that point and we'll be happy to look into it further.

- Craig

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