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Hi, I'm hoping someone will have some advice for me. While reviewing my listings everything looks great but the actual listing on eBay has everything shoved to the right side with a great expanse of blank space on the left.
Here are a couple of listing numbers.
I love using the template's but they are making for some strange looking auctions.
Thanks for any advice.
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Hi, It looks like your problem could be that your store window has been set up to display vertically to the side of your template, thus "pushing" your template over. In the future you can edit the position of this window to display above or below the template by clicking the "store" tab in Auctiva and then clicking "edit store window". That should change things a bit.

This would certainly affect listings before they post, but I don't know if doing that now would have any effect on your active listing. As for making changes to an active listing, I refer you to a recent post by Cozi Collectibles:

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