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I've been having this issue for sometime and decided to see if anybody else was having the same problem. Everytime I use a template that has a full color background some of my text will have white boxes around it. Is there any way to fix this? Any time I look for templates I look for ones that have a white background.
Thanks for any help
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Hi Tammy,

Hmmm....that sounds like the box you get around an anchor link when it's in focus (onclick or tabbed to highlight result). Example: Click on the word "Moderators" on the the top of this thread page and repeatedly hit tab. You'll see the boxes around the links appear as you tab through them. If you hit tab key, does the box dissappear?

Which browser(s) are you using and seeing the box?

Another thought.... Are you possibly copying and pasting the text from Word without using the Word paste icon tool on the description editor box in the one-page lister?


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