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One main reason I'm not running anything on eCloset right now is that I have my hands full and that ID is a mess right now because of leaving SD.

I'm not a high volume seller like you so I'm not missing much by taking this week off to get my act together. Plus we are going camping for the Thanksgiving holiday and having auctions to worry about is one less thing I have to do Wink

I'm sure you'll do well, you always do Smile
Thanks for the numbers Tom Wink

Going off to google Ft Desoto since we haven't booked anything yet as the state parks are all booked up but do have open spots on a first come first serve basis the same day.

So right now we are planning on going Thursday morning and if we don't get a spot we can go take the boat down to Don Perdo Island for the day and camp on Saturday instead!

Gotta love Florida, camping and boating in November Big Grin

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