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We have finished removing active content from all active listings for users subscribed to a paid Auctiva plan–in fact the process just finished this past weekend! Sign into your Auctiva account and view your Auctiva Account Messages to see the results of the update.

With that said, there are a few reasons why listings may still not comply with ebay's active content policy, for example:
  • If you do not have a valid token in your Auctiva account we were unable to access your listings. Be sure you have a valid token and are currently subscribed to a paid plan to receive this service.
  • We’re not able to remove active content from listings that are not eligible for revision. If your listing was not eligible for revision, you’ll see a listing notification in your Auctiva account for that particular listing.
  • If the listing was re-posted via eBay's site using sell similar, and the listing contained active content from a previous posting it will still contain active content.

Any listings posted via Auctiva have had our active content-free templates and tools for some time. If you’re a paying user and find you have active listings that still contain active content we are here to help! We can re-process individual listings or your entire set of active listings to remove active content from them if needed, just contact us and let us know.

If you’re subscribed to the Free Tool plan:
We’re still in the process of upgrading all older versions of the Auctiva Scrolling Gallery and Counter to the new, active content-free versions for users in the Free Tool plan. This is an automated process and should be completed for all Free Tool users with an active token by the beginning of June.

If you would like your Scrolling Gallery and Counters upgraded to the new, active content-free versions now just contact us and let us know–we can run the Scrolling Gallery and Counter upgrade service for any account upon request.

If you’re a new user, or Free Tool user and would like to have your tools upgraded PLUS get all other active content removed from your listings, just sign up for a paid plan. Upon the plan confirmation page, you’ll see the option to choose to have “all active content removed form your listings”, then once you submit your plan we will begin processing your active listings. When the process completes, you’ll receive an informative account message where you’ll be able to verify the results.

We’re dedicated to the success of your eBay business. If there are any remaining questions or concerns about this upcoming policy, or how we can help, just contact us and let us know.


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It would be good if you could stop messing about with this damned 'active content' that ebay have been bleating about for weeks. Get the 'category leaf' issue fixed please!!!!
I've just recently re-activated my Auctiva account and I list in jewelry. Simple question about active content. I like to use pictures of "raw gemstones" in my descriptions. They are .jpg .jpeg or the occasional .gif files. Are these considered active content, plug-ins, flash or javascript, I did not think so but I've lost several of my images stored in Auctiva and is this the reason ?
Hi Mckenziesgold1,

Glad to have you back! Your images should be ok because active content does not include image file types. But to really see how your listings will be effected by eBay Active Content Policy, you can view one of your active listings and use eBay's Active Content Preview Feature (located just above your listing's item description)–this will show you what your listing will look like once the policy goes into affect.


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