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Now a buyer from SOME OTHER SELLER has emailed me and said their product is spilt can I give them a refund!

"hello *********ebay id
I recieved yesterday the ***************(item number ebay), unfortunally only the 1/2 of it. The bottle was not closed properly and it leak out during the shippment. I am very unhappy about that Frown

Sure we can do something about that?! My suggestion would be:
1) Return you the item, and get replacement.
2) Buy another one from you for 1/2 price.

Let me know how to proceed!

1. ebay item number is not mine
2.she has NEVER EVER bought stuff off me
3. I dont know how she got my name
4. I think this is spam - BUT she really has bought this item off of some one
5. Should I point out its not me?

UGGGGGGGGGGGGG! I am thinking its my turn for the loonies but this is crazy!
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It's your turn all right, two in a row! It could be a buyer scam, or not,it's hard to tell. Since she didn't buy from you, she could be genuinely confused, or brain dead, and her suggestions could be reasonable if it were legit. But then how is it that she's contacting you? many questions.

At any rate, she has no way of making a claim(no verification of a sale from you)and there's no way you're going to refund her of course. I would just email her and point out her mistake. Just keep the old antenna up on this one.
Hi I have had similar things happen. I can't tell you what to do but I would not message back. And report the message to ebay and walk away. Just move on. If she emails you again report that one also. After all if it is not a scam, it is still her problem and she should go through ebay. Personaly I think it is a scam. Make sure to mark do not send my email. I just can't tell you how many way scammer try to get your info. Do this all through ebay. Robin
I agree with all the above. Do everything through ebay email system. Block your email address, but have emails sent and put into a save folder. Also put the person on your block bidder list until you have this issue resolved. Otherwise if no resolution, then the block is justified. Never give them any more info than necessary. Put it all into ebays lap. Let them figure it out.

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