The images of the auctiva gallery don't load/are not loaded.

How can I load the thumbnail pictures, or did I miss something to do, while making the auction list?

Would it cost, to have the auctiva gallery working?

Well, in the meanhile, I shall have a look in the tutorial to see, if I might find some hint or information.

Thank you.
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Hi they can take an hour or so to load, they are automatically loaded based on the 14th listings nearest to ending, the ebay gallery image or header image is used depending on what is in your listing.

Auctiva scrolling gallery is free. Smile
Hello ChooChooGuy.
Thank you so much, for your prompt reply.
It is about a day ago, and the images of the auctiva gallery are still not loaded. I haven't choosen any cost related picture-services from eBay: Would I have to choose any eBay-picture service, for having loaded pictures in the auctiva gallery? My pictures inside of the template are fine and nice, and the auctiva image hosting for that works nicely, as well.
-Only the auctiva thumbnail-picture gallery (the one that rotates), is not loading. Which is regrettable, because I have quite a few nice auctions, I would love have displayed in the rotating auctiva picture gallery. What a shame, that the thumbnail pictures stay empty and gray, only stating "Loading Image", without anything loading.
- The gallery is moving, and rotating, but the pictures just stay empty, and do not load.
The gallery is moving, and rotating, but the pictures just stay empty, and do not load

Hi pictures can be hosted anywhere but why pay eBay when you can host them here for free, I prefer to host mine here to keep everything in one place (except the originals always backed up and kept at home).

There is no cost related fee to pay eBay except the usual insertion and FVF's.

If the images are on Auctiva and Auctiva is specified as the host all should be well.

Do they appear in your Auctiva storefront because the same images are used in there and in that view there will be one for each active listing.

I would first file an Auctiva support request to check your account is set up correctly if it is they can probably suggest a fix. Smile
No, the pictures are not showing in the Auctiva storefront. They are empty, and not loaded.

I thought, maybe the store would cost, or something.

So I will check out the store.

-How can I load the pictures of the auctiva store?

The Auctiva store is a free service to you, unlike an eBay store. You can choose your colors, template, contact info, blog, etc. and add the text you'd like. It's really quite nice... just another great thing about Auctiva.

Your pictures should be showing in your Auctiva storefront and in the gallery. It sounds like you've done it correctly.

I would do as Choo suggests and file a support request with Auctiva. They can help you figure out exactly what's going on and be sure all is set up properly since they can see all that stuff back there. Smile

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