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The dumbass new editor keeps on overriding my font with some other fonts it likes, even when I tried to change it with raw HTML over and over again. And when I tried to save but something went wrong, the darn thing just reload and the whole descriptions just disappeared and I would have to either retype it or cut and paste from elsewhere! Argh. I'll have to reinstall Turbo Lister this weekend and move back to it.

When we were updating out categories, eBay timed out, replacing all of the categories in our database with nothing, which is the reason for the error. Our engineers are working on this problem and should have it resolved as soon as possible...most likely in the next 10-15 minutes. Until then, you will be unable to save or post listings.

I apologize for the inconvenience.

Hi Mike,

Will some one from support please answer the questions posted about the new editor. It is still causing major problems and there seems to be no reply from staff on an alternative, or that you are working on the problems.

I am encountering problems in 2 areas.

1) The editor is ignoring the font settings in my custom made templates. When I type up a description I want the text to be exactly as I formatted that particulat template to look. Each template I use has specifc font colors, size and style for the description.

2) The editor is placing extra hmtl code into the description area, causing my words to have huge spaces between them, and the odd thing on this, is that it is ok on some sentances, but not others ? I get a lot of those & n,s,p, thingies.

Please can we have an option to use the old editor again ? could the auctiva tech guys place a link somewhere in the listing section. I know that there are many others who would like to have the option to use the old editor.

Maybe you could do a poll, see what kind of responce you get,
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