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Hello, everyone! I have a strange question for you folks.

Has anyone ever gotten any flak (Ebay or otherwise) for using the Rastafari template in their auctions?

I have a bunch of vintage Bob Marley t-shirts and other old herbal related t-shirts that I'd like to use this template for.

Any thoughts on this? Thanks! Smile
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Thanks for replying, ninth_wave. Smile

Interesting, indeed! The template is actually very well done; low key, yet leaving no doubt as to what the image is.

Out of curiosity, I just did an Ebay search for "pot t shirt". There were nearly 400 completed listings for them.

Maybe I'll give it a try with just a few of them to start. These old shirts have been packed up in the back of my closet for ages, and I don't want to just toss them out. Especially since some of the old vintage rock band t-shirts I've seen have sold for some big bucks. I saw a vintage Iron Maiden shirt sell for over $900.00. (wow!!) I don't have that one, but some of the other band shirts I have, have been bringing in 30 to 100 bucks a piece.

Thanks again for replying! Much appreciated! Smile

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