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Here was suppose to be a question from a potental buyer. Turned out to be something different. It is from: foxy-too

And here to question:
Q: I really object to those who cater to the illegals by listing their items in Spanish, especially when you list it before English. I for one will not buy from anyone who would sell their Country out, just to make a buck.

My response:

I'm am so sorry my listing offends you. Are you going to complain about the French too? You’re an idiot because I cater to the Spanish (in Spain and the French in Canada) and any other country (I speak some German) that wants to ask me a descent question without prejudice. I don't want you buying from me because I don't deal with bigots. Your name will be placed on my blocked list and I will do my best to report you to all the other eBay sellers out there. Your not good enough to do business with anyone, you s-o-b!
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Well that's person that could use some sense. Personally, I would have replied a little calmer, but I can understand where you're coming from. In fact, I don't list in spanish, but since I know spanish I will right that in my listings, and reply to spanish buyers. Illegals? What an idiot! I've sold to people in Puerto Rico that of course speak spanish. Are they illegals? And, like you said, the spanish from spain.
Yes, that question, or statement rather was completely uncalled for. Some people just don't know when and where it is appropiate to speak their mind. You however should have handled it more professionally. It is hard sometimes,but just because we are miles away from the customer and the only thing between us is a computer, we still have to act as if the person is right there on the other side of the counter. Would you speak that way to them if they were right there in person?

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