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I really love your service...BUT the next time you have a data migration or run maintenance that will last a couple days, PLEASE email everyone who has an account on your site and let them know this ahead of time. I understand this is a free service, BUT for times like this it would be nice if we sellers had notice so that we could use other picture hosting service for those days. It is bad for business having to go three days with blank auction pictures on our auctions with no bidding activity! I have gotten about 20 emails from bidders asking why I have no pictures posted... it is so annoying! Had I known beforehand that there MIGHT be this delay, I would have opted to use my own picture hosing, or Ebays picture hosting just so I wouldn't waste 3 days of my auction. so now I have 90 or so auctions to replace pictures on and try to extend.
We've run 2 maintenance periods in the past week. That's about 12 hours, not 3 days. It did not affect picture hosting.

If you're having picture problems file a support case because it has nothing to do with the database maintenances we've ran the past 2 nights.

I checked one of your listings and the images and store window were both showing correctly. Please post a link to this thread to a listing with no images.

About 45 out of your 76 listings have bids and there are 3 days left! How can you say you're not getting any bids?

Seriously I'm not sure you're being very fair here.
The pictures show perfect in that listing.

You need a spyware cleaner and virus program.

I do wonder about the emails you mentioned getting from customers. That's odd, I don't think that many could also be having problems. But you never know.

Can you open a command prompt window, run a tracert to and then copy and paste the results here?
every other site works on my computer.

Every one you've gone to works, but you haven't gone to every site on the internet.

The internet is a network of computers. It's like a freeway. You can to the same place many ways. However sometimes going one way you may run into traffic, or the road may be closed. If you don't go that way though you'd never know it were closed.

You either have a virus, spyware, or something is messed up with DNS to our image servers from your ISP.

Also have you tried clearing your cache in your web browser?

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