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I have been Ill to the point I was unable to list on ebay for over 2 months. I listed a few items and it did not add the scrolling Gallery. I went in and changed the settings and it sail that it will list any new items but can do anything with the items already listed. I thought I was in Good Standing with Auctiva, is there a problem with my account or.
Respectfully, Jim Price Jenuine-motor

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Hello Jim,

Without going into too much detail regarding the specifics of your account, the account does appear to be fine and I have gone ahead and run a command to have the scrolling gallery appended to your active listings where there is no gallery.  Please keep in mind that we would not be able to add the gallery to listings where there was partial gallery code or if there is a reason eBay would not allow edits to occur.

Please give the command up to a few hours to have the gallery on your listings and if the difficulty persists, please file a support case from under the Help tab of the site letting us know a few sample items where the gallery is not being appropriately added to the listings so our agents can have a look into it.

 - Craig

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