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Hello Community,

We've been updating our site this week and you may have noticed a few minor changes on the one-page lister and other pages throughout the site.

Most of the updates we have done were "behind the scenes" but there were a couple user-facing changes made that you should make note of.

We added support for eBay's shipping rate tables. You must set up your rate tables on eBay before you can use them on our one-page lister. There is a checkbox in the Shipping Tools section (one for domestic services and another for international) that says "Use eBay's domestic shipping rate table", so if you have them set up already, just check the box to enable them in your listing.

Sales transactions should no longer appear as duplicates on the new Sales page. If you continue to see duplicates please let Customer Support know so we can investigate the issue.

We're still working on a few more bugs (the main one for the insurance note on the lister being incorrect) and they should be fixed soon. As always, if you see any other issues, please let us know asap via a Customer Support help ticket.

Thank you!
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