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Hello I posted the below in several of the Forums and nothing was responded to.

You can look at our listings and see that in everyone we compliment Auctiva. These listings are on eBay, Bonanza, and Addoway. So you can see I was and hope to be again a fan. Check my posts prior to the "outage" and you'll se nothing but praise. Even after the "outage" I have complemented the Support staff. So I'm no "complainer" I'm a fan. What follows is meant as constructive and when its ignored it tells a story.

Hi Auctiva anyone

please seriously consider the below. Recently I was told what features Auctiva has for making bulk changes. It was even mentioned that the these features could ease the pain of the latest eBay mandate of no email addresses. This education was as a result of my talking about the limitations of the Closed Folder's tools or lack there of. I was told that the bulk of the email addresses had been found in the Seller Details and Profiles. Well sadly all of the tools do not assist when you are talking about items in the Closed Folder. Please its time to liberate the Closed Folder

if you could allow the Closed Folder to update the various Profiles, as currently can be done with the Saved Folder, and also allow bulk updating of the Sellers Detail information. You would have some happy customers. Heck I'd pay an extra dollar a month if this change were instituted the way I suggest. Having to individually change each listing is tedious at best. Especially when the foundation for the suggestion already exists and is waiting to be gleaned

if those 2 things were done the eBay folk would be a lot happier because most mandated eBay changes seem to come in the above areas

if you're in a real happy mood you could throw in a radio-button/check-box to allow folks to always use the most current Sellers Details and Profiles for ReList; Bulk ReList; Edit and ReList, etc. from the Closed Folder.

Heck if you can add the option to always use the most current Seller Details and Profiles the first 2 suggestions aren't even needed

Does this suggestion live or die Auctiva it is your decision. Heck there's even a suggestion on a new source of income the "so good it's worth extra money" bucket. I was serious I would pay more per month for services that made my life easier (I.e. faster to accomplish tasks).

sincerely yours
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