Please make it easier and more efficient to post multiple pictures. I must drag or click each individual picture - and I sometimes have as many as 100 pictures. This seriously cuts into my listing time. When I first signed up with Auctiva several years ago, I could load up to 72 pictures as once. Go back to that method PLEASE!
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Hello hillst319 -

We are not aware of issues with the uploader that would cause you to need to load images individually. You should be able to select multiple images on your end by using the Ctrl key on your keyboard while clicking with the mouse and then dragging the selected images into the uploader area.

Please keep in mind that the prior version of the uploader required Java which has a history of security issues and regular updating that is not required with the current uploader.

If you continue to experience the difficulty with uploading images, I encourage you to provide the specific details of your experience, as well as your operating system and browser information, in a support case and we will be happy to look into it for you.

- Craig

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