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Well Thanks to all of you I made the big jump and listed my first auction with Auctiva. It went through fine. I made a few small errors but it only cost me a couple of bucks so i guess I live and learn. My question for the evening is....How long does it take from the time post my auction till I find it in a search. I was amazed at how fast it went up and I was notified by E-Bay but when I went to do a search for my auction I could not find it. Any input is appreciated Have a great night
Dave Wink
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I am new to this also and just found out about what you are speaking of. It is called indexing and can take up to 24 hours. I dont fully understand it but ebay live help said that we can schedule an auction and then it will pre-index and go right into the system. Just wondering if Auctiva has a way to work with this or not?
Hi folks,
Here's what I've found out from my own experience..If you are a new seller to Ebay, your listings will almost always take 4-6 hours to show up. When you become more established, they'll show up immediately. I've been selling for 3 years and my auctions are always immediately searchable when I list now.

When you use Auctiva, being the 3rd party listing service that it is, Ebay will take longer to index your listings. If you have an Ebay store they will pull everything for a few hours (fraud check, etc). But I believe this only hapens the first time you use Auctiva. Anything after that is at the whim of indexing, which can be instantaneous, or a couple of hours. I haven't heard of a 24 hour index for a long time now, it's usually 4-6.

No matter what, your listings will return and be just have to hang in there Smile
Mine showed up this morning so yours should also dave. Weird thing is, they show as being posted today and not yesterday when I started them. Bummer cause I think the close time is odd now. I am going to have to check into this pre scheduling thing and see how it works until I am established in ebays computer system.
Hi cdc,
The posting date shown on Ebay will always be the posting date you selected in Auctiva I'm wondering...if you are located in another country and forgot to take into account the time change, that may be the reason?? Ebay listings are always posted by Ebay time (California time). Because Ebay and Auctiva are based in the U.S. they leave it up to us to do the math Smile
Nope, My mistake and you are correct. The time WAS as posted. I simply am not very versed in calculating military time and got it wrong. I am noticing that the auctions are taking approximately 8 hours to index so I started them early this morning to have them show up this evening. I still dont think we should have to pay for this lost time though.

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