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Has anyone else noticed this problem?

When I went to schedule an auction for 8:30 CST (and I made sure that I set it right), I checked to see if it had listed and it never did. So I just posted it manually.

Then I noticed that auctiva's time was off by an hour because auctions of mine that are ending at 9pm CST are showing in Auctiva to end at 8pm CST. I never had this problem before, but it has been a little bit since I scheduled an auction.
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Hi Grandot,

Look in your My Account tab - Settings - Preferences Account Settings. Just under the Preferred Time Zone is the check box for "Adjust for Daylight Savings Time".

Honesty.....I wish they had a setting for "KEEP ME SYNCED WITH EBAY'S PST CLOCK" so I didn't have to remember to toggle the darn thing twice a year. Razz OK....that's just tooooo simple for programmers...hehe They love to make it complicated. That and lack of documentation keeps them employeed. (Note: Use to be one, so it's a fair assessment of standard bad habits of the trade.)

You shouldn't need to toggle it twice a year. Adjust for Daylight Saving Time only applies when it IS Daylight Saving Time.

Very odd, as not doing the toggle for not DST (during Winter switch) has the clock wrong for submissions....or at least that's a problem I've frequently experienced immediatley after the change. I keep my zone set to PST to be synced with the ebay server clock, even though I'm in the EST zone.

Since DST varies from country to country and even isn't consistent with day or time-of-day around the globe, I've simply guessed you didn't have a by zone implementation and had to toggle to get it correct when wanted.

If I'm wrong, can someone at Auctiva please give a complete explanation of how that switch works (or is suppose to work). Please note, we just went through another clock wrong episode this spring; so if I'm wrong, I'm not incorrect on resulting problems with clocks not right (i.e. automation isn't working).

Please folks.....not trying to be mean, just factual in reporting the dysfunction I've experience over past two years.


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