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Just in case that you are using Auctiva's templates, this is a problem that might happen.

I usually create new listing by clicking the "Create Similar Listing" icon on the right of the Saved Listings page. It worked fine until I got a listing whose title I have put an exclamation mark in it just a few days ago. I mentioned this "!" because it is the only peculiarity about this listing. Other sections are almost identical.

Problem occurs with all my subsequent listings created this way. The title in the description stayed the same as that old title with an exclamation mark in it, but only the title in the title section is updated. I cannot find a way to change the TEMPLATE html code in Auctiva. I could only revise the HTML code on eBay AFTER posting those listings. (Auctiva's "Text mode" function does not allow the user to change the HTML code in the template portion. They allow you to Get HTML on the Saved Listing page, but not editing the code.)

I found out the error after posting several listings, and now that I know it, the only cure is to start with a fresh new listing, copy and paste the content from one of the existing listing, so that the old title with an exclamation mark in it will not show up again in the new listing. I still need to revise all the posted listings with the wrong title in the description section.
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Hi - I understand what you are saying, but am not sure if there is a question in there somewhere. Rather than copy/paste from Auctiva, the quickest way to change the title in the template of the active listings is to directly edit the text in the description box on ebay's 'revise your listing' page. The text is editable in either the 'normal' or HTML view.

For future posts of course, you need to revise your listings in Auctiva. To change the template title in your saved listings (or 'create similar' listing) in Auctiva, all you need to do is directly edit the exclamation point out of the title box next to the blue 'select your template' link. You don't have to recreate a whole new listing just to make that change.

Not sure I addressed your situation, since there was no question, but hope this helps. Smile
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Ah~ Now I see where the template title can be edited. Thank you! I didn't put a question up there because the problem is gone after I have started anew. The template title changes with the new listing now.

However, usually the template title changes with my new listing title even I use the Create Similar Listing function. Not sure what happened when I did that listing with an exclamation mark in it.

Is there any symbols we must avoid using in the title?
I have noticed that you cannot depend on the template title changing when you change the listing title - you always need to double check it.

As far as symbols, you need to be careful with those. Too many razzle dazzle symbols (just like too many ALL CAPS) do not really add anything useful to a title. Too many of these can make the listing harder to read quickly, or turn people off, eg ***L@@K*** (This will NOT make people want to click on your listing!) MODERATE use of symbols and caps can often be useful however. Also be careful that the symbols aren't placed in such a way that causes the search engine to think it is part of the word and therefore ignore the word in a seach! That would definitely be counterproductive.
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Thanks again for your advice. I also noticed that on eBay, adding "s" to the end of a noun will produce different searching result. And the search engine may not be able to pick up the keyword if there is a symbol attaching to it in the title. Yet, there are just some products that contain symbols in their names. That's why I rarely put symbols on my titles, and always switch on the search description checkbox when I search on eBay.

Great thanks that you have answered all my questions for today!

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