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Hi 935ne,

Thanks for posting here to let other know about your experience. When you are working with the Auctiva listing creation page, the title that shows up within the description of the template when your item is posted is populated from the "Template Title" field that is located just to the right of the "Select Template" button on the lister page.

When you are creating a new listing, the "Template Title" field should be automatically populated with whatever you enter in the "Title" field and, when you are using the Create Similar option or creating a new listing from an existing saved listing, the same thing should happen IF the contents of the "Title" and "Template Title" fields match in the existing listing you are using as a template.

Since the "Template Title" field did not automatically update when you change the contents of the "Title" field during the "Create Similar" process, I suspect that the "Title" and "Template Title" fields did not match in the existing listing that was being used as a template.

Under circumstances like this in which the "Template Title" field does not update automatically when the contents of the "Title" field is changed, you can always update the "Template Title" field on the listing creation page manually.

In case you have not done so already, I believe the easiest way to go about resolving this problem in your listing which is currently active would be to go to the "Revise your Item" form for the item durectly on eBay, click the "Standard" link along the top of the description editor, and then edit the incorrect information using your cursor and keyboard.

If you encounter this problem when working from a saved listing in which the contents of the "Title" and "Template Title" fields do match, I recommend contacting our customer support team by mousing over the "Help" tab within your account and selecting the "File Support Case" option.


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