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Ina Steiner introduced a blog on Auctionbytes stating some disturbing tests regarding coming announcements from eBay. Can any body at Auctiva tell us what to expect as it seems to directly affect your service and our business?
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eBay generally only keeps us in the loop on any changes they plan for the next release. Lately that has been 4-6 month cycles. The next one ends in September and I expect to learn more about eBay's next cycle of changes sometime in August or September.

I haven't heard anything about the changes in the survey. Unfortunately usually eBay surveys seem to be looking more for validation of something already planned, rather than to really see if people like the idea or not. It takes a lot of momentum to get anything going at eBay, so by the time a survey is done it's almost a foregone conclusion.

Now that this news is out I'm hoping to speak to eBay openly about this and see what's happening. Unfortunately I probably won't be able to share that due to the NDA's we have with them.
Whatever the change may be please keep up auctiva feature with ebay.

Auctiva currently not ready for multiple variation listings, new ebay item specification and ebay enlarge picture feature not working with the picture listed through auctiva.

When you are not ready for these features when ebay is ready to roll out something new, it gives me a bad idea like ebay is not welcoming or working with the 3rd party listing service. Further more, I have signed up with the 18-months contract with Auctiva so, bad idea becomes ill idea.

Hope I'm wrong with this.

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