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Hello Community,

I posted this up in the News section, but thought I should post it here too so that users can comment on it if they wish. We completed a site update today and here is a brief overview of the major issues that were addressed:

We added support for eBay's new optional Item Condition Note field on our lister, but unfortunately that had to be rolled back due an issue with the feature on eBay. It should be available again early next week on the lister.

Added support for a Restocking Fee that is part of eBays new Managed Returns Center. Users who are opted-in to the program (currently available for Top Rated Sellers) will have the ability to list a restocking fee that buyers will see in advance and that fee may be charged in the event of a return.

New larger Supersized Image option. Our previous Supersized Images were 1024 x 1280px. To support the larger images that are produced by today's digital cameras and due to the fact that eBay increased the size they could support, we have been asked to increase our size as well. To use the new 1440 x 1920px size, you have to select it in your Account Preferences. Hover your mouse over the My Account tab and click on Acct. Preferences (under Settings.) Under Image Management, you will see a new "Maximum Image Size" option with a drop-down to select the new size if you wish. Note: using the larger images could slow down your upload times, so please be aware of that potential issue before choosing to use the new size.

A new home for your Auctiva Scrolling Gallery settings! The gallery settings were hidden under the Stores tab, and because users didn't know where to find the settings to change the location of their gallery in their new listings, or update the style, color or any of the other preferences, we felt it was time to move it in a more prominent location by giving it a dedicated tab.

Sales tab renamed "eBay Sales."

The Education home page link can now be found under the Help tab.

Seller note field on the new version of the Saved Listings page. This is similar to eBay in that you can now make little notes to yourself that buyers won't see about a particular listing. To add a note next to a Saved listing, click the yellow post-it icon to the right of the listing and a yellow text field will appear. No need to click anything else to save the note--it will automatically be saved for you. Remember, this is currently only available on the newer version of the Saved Listings page.

EBay item numbers are now displayed when you successfully post a listing from the one-page lister. This will help users know immediately if their listing was posted or not due to an eBay API error.

As always, if you notice any issues with these latest features and enhancements, please let us know ASAP by filing a Customer Support Request. Happy selling!
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