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I've been using Auction Boutique and now that it is closing, I need to know how I transfer my eBay listings to the Auctiva site so that I don't lose all my listing information. One of the other AB users indidcated they transferred their listings, but I cannot find a way to do that. Please help. Thank you. pr
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Hi PR,

Thanks for contributing to our forum. When you sign up for an Auctiva account, all of your active eBay listings should be imported into your Auctiva account such that you can track them on the Active Listings page within your account, but I'm afraid we do not have anything in place to facilitate the transfer of images and listing templates directly from Auction Boutique into Auctiva.

If you are running Good til Canceled listings that will be active after Auction Boutique is taken down, you will eventually need to either end those items and post then anew using Auctiva hosted images and templates or revise them to include Auctiva hosted images and templates.

If you have any images within your Auction Boutique account that you would like to download to your computer, you can download each one to your computer by clicking the “My Photo Albums” tab, clicking the thumbnail to view the full size image, and then right clicking the full size image and selecting “Save Image As”.

If you decide that you would like to revise any of your existing active listings to use Auctiva hosted images and templates, you would basically need to recreate each listing using Auctiva's listing tools and then apply those designs to the associated eBay listings, which can be done via the following process:

1) Recreate the listing in Auctiva and click "Save".
2) Once you have finished, click the "Save" button.
3) Return to your Saved Listings page and click the <HTML> icon next to the listing.
4) Highlight and copy the HTML that appears in the pop-up window.
5) Visit the item on eBay and click the “Revise your item” link.
6) Scroll down about 1/3 the page to the “Description” section and click the "HTML" tab on the editor.
7) Delete the html that is already there, paste the copied html in its place, and save your changes.

I hope this helps. If you need any further assistance with Auctiva, please feel free to contact our customer support team by mousing over the "Help" tab on our site and selecting the "File Support Case" option.


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