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Hi apart from the temporary listing pull ebay does for anti-hijack checks when you first join Auctiva what was live on eBay before joining (assuming they have time to run) should still show up on eBay.

Items are not actually transferred to your Auctiva store, it is not a store (or venue) in it's own right just another presentation of what is active on eBay.

Think of it as another store front or window onto your listings.

So apart from the temporary pull which is due to eBay and not Auctiva (and that would lose you visibility for a day maybe) 'transferring' is unlikely to be the reason for a drop in your sales.
The same thing happened to me only 6 came over. I hate to rewrite all my listings for auctiva. I spent most of yeasterday pulling images out of my computer to watermark them. I have dial up and hope to be high speed soon. Trying to figure this out. Ebay is so much easier to use. They weren't protecting my images even when they were watermarked. I need the protection that they offer here.
Ebay is so much easier to use

And it costs a lot more when you consider image hosting, scheduling multi-image listings ...

The tools and services available here have a learning curve, make no mistake they require an organised approach to benefit from them.

Word of advice to anyone, write and keep listing description and images backed up on your own PC.

Write listing descriptions offline and copy/paste them into the appropriate Auctiva editor.

Process images using any cheap photo edit program while they are on your PC and upload them in bulk. Pre-sized and marked,

I would do this even with a decent broadband connection.

Advantages :-

1) enhanced security of the labour intensive descriptions and images in case of loss
2) minimal online time

The Auctiva toolset will advantage an organised worker, they will be a time waste for a disorganised worker.

I need the protection that they offer here.

Please note that the image protection available here will only deter the very lazy copier, this has been stated on various threads.

Serious protection costs serious money and is only really cost effective for a professional artist or photographer.
And if I might be allowed to chime-in here....

What ChooChoo has given here (above) has been gleaned from considerable knowledge and experience. In my opinion, it is extremely good advice freely given to anyone who will realize it's value. And it is available here without having to go through the laborious and painstaking 'learning process' of frustrating trial-and-error over a lengthy period of time. The ' Organized ' approach to using the Auctiva Tools is something to think about carefully and to apply in every way possible when using the tools. Doing so will significantly enhance and protect the value of your time invested. Choo's advice on creating and archiving (in an organized fashion) not only all the listings you've created but also all the images on your local machine is one of the MOST important things to get into the habit of doing regularly. Even the simple suggestion of learning how to 'Bulk-upload' item images can dramatically reduce the drudgery of the image transfer process. Again, these are suggestions which will benefit anyone who really takes the effort and work necessary for successful selling-activities seriously! ~ Zeb

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