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Thanks in advance for any help on this.

I listed a bunch of things Friday night. Been using Auctiva for about a month now, and didn't do anything different. Posted them when I finished with each.

Last night, I noticed that they weren't in my 'Selling' items. This AM I find that they are in my Saved items on Auctiva.

I have posted them, three times now, and they're still not showing up under 'My Selling'. They're still in 'Saved' items on Auctiva.

Why is this happening?? I really needed these to be posted Friday. I didn't 'Save' them, I hit Post. I never save my listings for later.

Thanks again!
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Hi bamamelena - When you click 'post' your listing will be automatically saved to your 'saved' folder, even though you didn't click 'save' first. However, if they posted to ebay they should be showing up on your 'my ebay' page, as well as in your 'active' folder. If not, then I would do as Taz suggests and file a support request to see if they can shed some light on this.

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