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Hello, I've been using Auctiva for some time now, but this is my first posting, I've just tried to list a :

Antique Japanese Carved Scrimshaw Ivory Saya Sword

And got an error about title and or description and ebay's policies, any help on what's wrong would be great,,, thanks to all... Here's the description :

I'll start off by saying I know next to nothing about Asian art and collectibles, but I do know old ivory when I see it and I've done a little research, so I'll do my best to describe this Spectacular Antique Japanese Carved Scrimshaw Saya ( Sword ) for you.

It measures over all and together about 17 1/2" long, then it's about 1 3/8" across the center part ( not including the hilt ring ) and the blade is about 9 7/8" long.

The scrimshaw carving is to me exquisite and I counted 10 Japanese figures in all, dressed in magnificent detailed clothing, then I see flowers, mountains, a nice stone bridge, thatched roofs, maybe one building and one male figure is holding a fan.

Then this again amazing scrimshaw word was highlighted in gray/black and I see a hint of what's left of a brick red.

The condition as you can clearly see from the pictures is not so hot, there's is breakage with missing edge pieces, some age cracking,, edge chipping, and the steel blade, though still with a somewhat nice edge has seen better days ( again the pictures pretty much tell the tale ), but I truly believe can be restored, by someone who knows what they're doing. And as for the ivory it too might be also to be restored or repaired, it's still an impressive piece.

Note : My untrained eye could find no markings, low starting bid and no reserve, priced to sell !

I did find a completed listing and their title was : ANTIQUE JAPANESE SWORD SCRIMSHAW IVORY SAYA SHEILD
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Hi, yes thanks for responding, I believe for some reason Auctiva won't let anything trough with the word ivory in it, so I just went through ebay's listing form and come to find out it wasn't even ivory but bone, so I edited the listing it did sell $115.00 to a non paying bidder and as usual the second chance offer went un-answered, so it will go back up for bids this next week...
But again Thank You for talking the time to answer my question... LL

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