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This started last night...After posting some items, I went to post one more item. Kept getting an error message that said,
"Either your Description, Location, or Checkout Instructions appear to have Java script in it according to eBay. eBay is very strict about anything that looks like it may be Java script. Try checking your description for parenthesis and try posting without them if they do exist."
I did everything I can think of (yes, including starting from scratch) & nothing worked. I thought either I was just tired or there was a tech problem on the site. Well, I've tried again today. From scratch, different items, etc. & still having problems.
So, I tried straight through eBay. I copied & pasted everything, & guess what!! It worked. I've list with Auctiva & have never had this problem.
Any thoughts??
Jeff - bringiton77
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Hi Jeff,

The reason this message is being returned in response to your attempts to post these listings is because they contain Javascript code that is not allowed by eBay policy. If you contact our customer support department using the appropriate link on our help page,, we can locate and remove this objectionable code for you.

Not sure what to tell you. On Auctiva, when I am creating a new listing, I have to used my keyboard to paste things in the description. That's the only thing I'm doing differently on here than eBay (I can use my mouse to copy, cut, paste on eBay). Last night I used eBay...worked fine. Tried here on Auctiva today...same D*** thing. How do I find what is going on??? I use Mozilla Firefox. I have my eBay policy saved in Notepad on my computer. When I get to that part of my listing, I copy & paste it into my listing. I don't know how much more specific I can get. If you think of something let me know. Until then, I guess I'll try not even putting in anything that has to be pasted in, & see if that helps.

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