Well, I am giving up on ebay. I haven't posted much since the announcement to raise store prices. I have been trying to figure out what i was going to do. It isnt as much the fact that the prices are going up. I am just sick of the constant changes! One day we are in search, then we arent. Then we get charged more for our store to be hidden. I also agree with the fact that I think searches are manipulated by ebay. Too often, I cant even find my own items when searching for them. I have decided to move on to other venues. I have begun listing on ioffer, wagglepop, and yahoo. I am very pleased with the beginning I have had with these venues. I have already sold more on these three than on ebay this past week. Even though I am not through moving stuff from my ebay store. I have also decided to move my half.com inventory to these venues. Half.com has also gotten completely unpredicatable. It amazes me that I can go two weeks without the first sale and then suddenly sell 15 books in one day to different buyers. Anyway, slowly but surely my inventory will be moved here:
Please visit and check out my new store!
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Hi Leahyrlw

I like the atmosphere at etsy a lot! The secret to getting known is getting involved in the forums. I have to admit that I am more I lurk more than I participate though.

It can't be the fees you are afraid of because it doesn't cost a thing to have a shop and only .10 to list an item for (I think) 6 months. That will be going up to .25 sometime later this year when they bring their new version out. It's still in beta stage right now. I think the FVF fee is 3.5%. Not sure on that.

I have received many, many offers from consignments shops, etc. that are interested in my items. I definately receive more attention over there.

BTW, I also closed my ebay shop today. I too am giving wagglepop a try.

If you decide to try etsy look me up and send me a conversation. I go by bagladymomma. My shop is at www.bagladymomma.etsy.com

Good luck with it!

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