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No matter what I do, I have people who want to pay instantly, which is absolutely perfect when they pay for all items at the same time. The problem is those people who buy an item, pay for it through Pay Pal, then buy another item. I combine shipping cost, so I'm constantly refunding shipping. Oh, it's posted in all adds. PLEASE DO NOT PAY UNTIL YOU HAVE COMPLETED ALL BIDDING/SHOPPING or PLEASE DO NOT PAY UNTIL YOU HAVE COMPLETED ALL TRANSACTIONS.

I even have a regular buyer who buys from me every single week, without fail, and every week, she pays, even when she has bids out. What's up with that? I even had one buyer email me that the refund for shipping I sent via Pay Pal had 30 cents plus taken out! What did she expect???

What do you all do for combined shipping policies? My policies are clearly stated, I think, but I have these people who request invoices when they still have bids on my items. And, no, these aren't newbies. They have 300 plus feedback. They should know the system. I'm simply frustrated, because Pay Pal takes its fees for every transaction, and it would be so much better for one big transaction, than these here and there ones.

Help. Very frustrated...

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I too only offer combined shipping with a single payment. Fortunately most times my buyers wait for my invoice before paying. When they DO make multiple payments I send an email and tell them that if they want the Combined S&H charge they must make one payment and offer to refund the multiple payments if they will send one payment.

The key to refunding is that you use the "REFUND" option in Paypal. If you do that you can make a Full or Partial Refund without it costing anyone money. Your customer doesn't get that .30 charge as they would if you send them money AND you get the fee that Paypal charged you refunded (or a percent as applicable). Again you have to use the "REFUND" option (it is at the bottom of the details page I believe) and if you just "SEND" money back then your customer is charged and you don't get your fee back that Paypal charged you.

I use this refund feature a lot, since I try to charge postage + a small handling charge and I sometimes over estimate the weight of a package when listing. If that happenes and the difference is more than $1.00 then I refund the excess.

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