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Every tab I've click on is giving me this error:

An error has occurred during the processing of your request. Please try again or file a support case if this problem continues.

Anyone else getting this problem?

Edit: This is weird... I was able to access it from the link on the forums page! I just restarted my computer a short time ago so everything should be fresh with my browser.

Edit again: I spoke too soon. I get the lister page, but can't get into saved listings...
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omg can someone PLEASE shed some light on my problem?
I first signed on a couple of weeks ago...everything was fine..until i decided to change my ebayID prior to re-opening my ebay store...
then everything went haywire
i spent a week getting everything up and running on auctiva, then when i changed my ebay user ID, i cant get into my all saved listings here...i finally got so frustrated, that i just opened a new account at auctiva to get my ebay store finally opened
NOW, there is a glitch on auctiva
wont accept my token from ebay
says that i have 2 accounts here at auctiva
BUt it wont let me into the old ID to cancel that one
i have been waiting for support to get back to word yet
This is really frustrating
I am waiting to reopen my ebay store
i have worked so hard here, and now i cant even pull up my listings
OK I HAVE TWO ACCOUNTS WITH AUCTIVA NOW AND CAN ACTUALLY GAIN ACCESS TO THE SITE VIA ON AND TO THE COMMUNITY VIA THE OTHER. i HAVE THE FEELING THAT NEITHER ONE CAN ACCESS THE INITIAL ACCOUNT ITEMS AND LISTINGS FROM WHEN i FRIST STARTED WITH aUCTIVA. ooo sORRY sorry for yelling... now I have generated a token that showsup in my ebay account but auctiva says that I have not generated a token yet. I've been trying to do this for m0ore tahn four days. what am I missing... once again... please help!!!
Originally posted by SHOWERS UNLIMITED:
Sorry, DUH? Customer ticket? whats that?

If you go to the Help page (the link is at the top of the page you're on right now) then go to "File a Support Request" at the bottom of that page.

would start a new one... afraid I'll loose you helpful people...

Well, by "visible", I mean to Auctiva staff. We may have been helpful in this thread but we haven't managed to answer your question!
Originally posted by SHOWERS UNLIMITED:
Southrnjewel... great things in your store... good luck!

Thanks so much!

Pssssssst...change the spelling of your location for your never know who might see it and buy from you.

Look at the difference in our URLs. Please note how mine has the refid after the title of my store link.

That way if anyone clicks on your link and they buy something from your designates the link as a referral link and your fee's with eBay will be discounted.

Here's a link that explains it better.

Take care, Donna
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