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I have put an activa scrolling gallery on my ebay listings, but want to edit a few things. Every time I do this it says it has been updated and can take upto 2 hours to show on my listings, but is not updading on my listing. Is there anything I might be doing wrong as I have tried about 6 times now.
Would be grateful of any advice.

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Same here. I have been completely unable to see any updates for the gallery itself or my eBay listings (apart from the titles) in the listings themselves OR through the auctiva site for about a day now and frankly, it's affecting my chances of completing sales.

I have had to physically remove the gallery by revising the listings in eBay but I can't take the gallery off a couple of listings - physically or remotely through auctiva account preferences - as they already have some bids on them.

To tell you the truth, I'm not sure if there is really anything we can do at all because we may not get a reply for a couple of days most likely and I have yet to find the option to "file a support ticket" even though I don't hold out too much hope of any help as I'm a free customer.

I'm still on the free trial at the moment but since this problem, I don't think I will continue using auctiva at all from now on - it's already messed up a few of my listings and from some of the other people's experiences, we may not have a real hope of solving this using customer support...

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