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A year or so ago, I did a free trial of sellathon.
It was pretty informative, but not something that I wanted to pay for every month, so I just did the free trial.

Now I want to use the free sellathon counters through auctiva. When I try to grant access, it recognizes me and says I have an account already. But when I log in with that account and try to grant access, it says my account is expired and I have to upgrade. I can't find any free option.

How can I get counters in my listings? I am really missing them when I list through Auctiva, and need to get this figured out if I'm going to move over.
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I used to have a Sellathon counter also ages ago. I let the subsription lapse as I'd learned what I wanted to at the time.

When I joined Auctiva I wanted to access the information again with the free 30 days for joining Auctiva.

I emailed Kristie (isn't that her name?) with Sellathon and voila...she handled it all for me. She stated as I'd previously had Sellathon that there was some extra tweaking behind the scenes that was needed.

Hope this helps!
Thanks, Donna! I figured I couldn't be the only one who had tried it in the past.

It shows an amazing amount of data, but to be honest, I found I didn't have the time/desire to watch it closely and analyze it.

So we get a 30-day trial of the full version when we use Auctiva? Then we pay or go to a free counter version?

I am half-tempted to pay the $5 for the 50-auction package so I can count/track the things I list today. I don't have everything moved to auctiva, and had (and old?) code on some of my SD templates that I was lazy and didn't remove Eek Another free trial would be AWESOME and I don't want to lose out, but I just want these to work!

I probably need the 100-count package, but i'm being cheap Frog

It looks like I'd have to wait til tomorrow for a response from Sellathon. Hmm, how cheap do I want to be...

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