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I do not know why, but item specifics no longer show up in my saved listings or even when I create a new listing.

If I select "Choose item specifics" (my only choice) I get only one selection. Then when I do error check it tells me "For the first selected category, both Item Specifics and Custom Item Specifics are specified. You can choose either of the two, but not both"

Of course I never selected Custom Item Specifics because it was not on the screen.

I am using Firefox 3.6.12 on a Windows 7 64 bit system if it matters.
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The only reason I can think of (and hopefully someone else will come along that knows more than I do)is Buy it Now listings..I rarely use BIN but when I did I had no item specifics either..had to revise on ebay after posting. Sorry, not much help, just something off the top of my head....

Even if I had a saved auction (WITH specifics) and changed it to a BIN, all the item specifics disappeared and I had to revise.
HI- not 100% sure if I fully understand problem (but it 2: a.m. here and my brain is ready to go night night, but I understand ebay is getting rid of item specifics and changing to the Custom Item specifics. I would start always using that anyway, because it is coming. I list mostly in clothing womens and it is no longer there.

If there is a clear button try it and try to put in again. OR, I had similar problem other day and I went to bottom and did save as new and when I clicked Custom Specifics the right thing popped up.

Then add what you need (if it works) but be sure you go back and delete first one that could not be fixed. Not the best solution.. but if it works may help some.

I perhaps should have mentioned that I have given up on auctions and only use Buy It Now. So the thoughts of member_8880 at least confirm my experience, and I can say it is not my imagination, browser settings or cookies.

Vickie, I NEVER see the custom button. Does not matter how I save, open, change to or from regular auction listings it does not present me a custom details button.

Now I will get the morons at Auctiva to start earning the $15 a month I have to pay for this "service".


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